Gov’t peace panel chair says Bangsamoro police will be part of PNP

By , on October 21, 2014


Chairperson of the government peace panel, Miriam Coronel-Ferrer said that the Bangsamoro police will fall within the coverage of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

House Bill 4994 and Senate Bill 2408, stipulate that whereas the Bangsamoro government will be primarily responsible to ensure public order and safety within the Bangsamoro, police enforcement will remain a power shared with the national government.

Ferrer pointed out that The PNP Law – Republic Act 6975, as amended by Republic Act 8551 – stipulates that operational control and supervision of the local police, including the deployment of police units, fall under the local chief executives.

“Consistent with the Constitution, the Bangsamoro police will be under the command and direction of the PNP chief and the administrative control and supervision of the National Police Commission (Napolcom). The recruitment, training and promotion of personnel, the acquisition of firearms and other adjunct services will remain under the PNP’s jurisdiction,” Ferrer said.

She noted that the Bangsamoro bills in the House and Senate mandate that the Bangsamoro police would be under the leadership of a director, assisted by at least two deputies with a ranking of chief superintendent, at the very least. Furthermore, Bangsamoro police shall be “professional, civilian in character, regional in scope, effective and efficient in law enforcement, fair and impartial, free from partisan political control, and accountable under the law for its actions,” Ferrer pointed out.

“It is assumed that one deputy will be assigned in the Central Mindanao part of the Bangsamoro while the other deputy will be posted in the islands,” Ferrer said, adding that a Bangsamoro police board would likewise be formed and will be part of the Napolcom.