Jennifer’s German fiancé reacts on murder

By on October 18, 2014

Jennifer Laude with German boyfriend Marc Sueselbeck
Jennifer Laude with German boyfriend Marc Sueselbeck

MANILA, Philippines – Marc Suselbeck, the German fiancé of Filipino transgender Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude, reacted in grief on the murder of his fiancée who was found dead last Saturday on the bathroom floor of one of the rooms of a motel in Olongapo City.

Autopsy report showed that Laude was strangled and drowned to death. Reports said that the crime might have been done out of ‘hate.’

“That kind of situation, Jennifer was so afraid of all her life. That was my worst nightmare. That was the reason why we are trying everything to get her here (Germany), to just live a normal decent life,” Suselbeck said in a phone interview. He is already processing his flight to the country and hopes that he will be able to attend Laude’s funeral.

“I will try my best to get there as soon as I can, to pay the honor and respect to Jennifer, the honor and respect she simply [deserves] for lifetime but never got from society,” Suselbeck said.

Despite not being in the Philippines yet, Suselbeck already issued a statement defending Laude from the many allegations about her and her death. He also promised that he will do everything he can to ensure his fiancée’s murderer is imprisoned.

“I will stand with my name for what did happen to her. That was what probably gave her hope to keep on fighting with me hand in hand every day for a better life even when her own country [discriminates] her.” Suselbeck said. “I [stood] with her no matter what, never hid in public or nowhere. And even more now, I will speak for her with my name, with my person. I won’t (hide) from anyone or prejudices or discrimination. I will also stand with the hopefully rising protest against that ongoing discrimination.”

Suselbeck and Laude first met online. They became officially engaged in December 2012 with full knowledge and acceptance of Jennifer’s family. Their plan was to get married in Thailand on April next year.

Suselbeck had long been petitioning Laude to take her with him to Germany where they will ‘start life over together.’ From the very beginning, he accepted Jennifer being a transgender and was never ashamed of it.

“I am proud of being engaged to Jennifer. I love her more than I ever felt for any person in my life. I was willing to give up everything for her. I was promising her all the time no matter what happens, I will never hide myself. I will never be ashamed. And I will stand with her,” Suselbeck said.

According to Suselbeck, whatever happened between Laude and the suspect before the murder, US Marine’s Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton, does not matter to him. What is important is for justice to be served. He also clarified that ‘Jennifer wasn’t a prostitute.’

“Jennifer never was a prostitute. This has to do with pure hate. You cannot kill a person like that, in a most degrading and most brutal way if you do not hate that person,” Suselbeck said.

With report from Cyra Moraleda