Rape complaint against Vhong dismissed

By , on October 17, 2014

Vhong Navarro / Wikipedia Photo
Vhong Navarro / Wikipedia Photo

MANILA – The fourth filed rape complaint against TV host and dancer Vhong Navarro has been dismissed by the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office.

Atty. Alma Mallonga, Navarro’s lawyer, said that the case filed by Margarita Fajardo was sacked because of lack of probable cause.

Mallonga noted that the October 15 resolution was signed by Assistant City Prosecutors Nilda Ordoño and John Patrick Corpuz. It was approved by City Prosecutor Donald Lee.

The resolution stated: “There is no reason for complainant to be afraid of [Navarro] so as to just follow whatever he required her to do as the incident allegedly happened ‘with lots of people around.'”
“Aptly, her side remark, ‘Okay ka na? Baba na ako’ was not in keeping with a fear-struck person who was cowed into submission.”

Fajardo allegedly said that she was raped by Navarro inside his sports utility vehicle in 2009. The incident happened during Navarro’s taping for the show “I Love Betty La Fea.” Fajardo was part of the cast and worked as a stunt double while Navarro played a supporting role.

This case was the fourth that went public after the controversial January 22 mauling of Navarro.

Deniece Cornejo filed two cases against Navarro saying she was raped on January 17 and 22 by the actor. Both were dismissed.

Meanwhile, the third was filed by Roxanne Cabanero who claimed that she was raped in 2009 by Navarro inside his car. The case was junked by DOJ early October.