Piolo’s son talks about DNA testing and mom

By , on October 15, 2014

Piolo Pascual and son Iñigo (Photo from the Facebook Page of Iñigo Pascual)
Piolo Pascual and son Iñigo (Photo from the Facebook Page of Iñigo Pascual)

MANILA – Piolo Pascual’s son, Iñigo, talked about the DNA testing that he had to go through as a young child.

“It happened a long time ago, I was very young that time, I think 1 or 2,” said Iñigo. “So it’s not really a serious matter. We don’t even talk about it anymore. It did happen, but I don’t really know how to react about it.”

His dad’s sister, Chiqui Gonzales confirmed the DNA test during her interview with E! News saying, “[Piolo] was in denial. He didn’t want to accept that Inigo was his son, so they had this DNA test. It was 99.9% [positive]!”

Piolo, for his part, said that he was not informed about his sister’s interview.

Iñigo said that he is kind of prepared to reveal personal information to public given that he grew up watching his dad handle intrigues.

“I learned from his as well. He’s always there for me. He’s very watchful of what I’m doing and he’s giving me advice,” he said.

He is set to star in first movie titled “Relaks. It’s Just Pag-Ibig,” which is set to premier on November 12. Aside from this, Iñigo is also preparing for the launch of his boy band in the United States.

When asked about how his mother adjusted to him entering showbiz, he said, “She’s kind of used to it. I mean, she was with my dad before, so she kind of knows how the pattern goes, how showbiz works.”

He also shared that his mother cannot easily shrug off personal attacks.

“But I always tell her, ‘Mom, it’s part of it, you know. We have to just accept the negative stuff and don’t use it as something that will bring us down. Use it as a motivation that you are much better than what people think.'”