Filipinos invent way to keep beer perfect

By , on October 15, 2014

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MANILA – A recent Filipino invention will send beer-lovers into frenzy.

Beer drinkers often dream of drinking their favorite beverage at the perfect temperature. However, once a beer bottle is removed from the freezer, it automatically heats up while pouring it in a glass filled with ice makes it bland.

But now, thanks to a recent technology invented by three beer-loving Filipinos in the United States, beer can now be cooled to perfection.

The technology, dubbed Beer Below Zero, was launched last October 3 at Josephine’s Bistro in Cerritos, California. BBZ International Inc. is the Filipino-owned company behind this innovation.

The specialized freezer works by cooling the beer above the freezing point, -8 degrees Celsius to be exact, to enhance the taste of beer.

Beer Below Zero, with its chairman and chief executive officer Luigi Nunez, plans to extend its services outside of the United States once it penetrates Asia-Pacific by 2010.

“We are excited to bring our one-hundred percent Filipino invention to the West. Our company wants nothing more than to establish the Philippines as the country that serves the coldest beers. Though we are committed to increasing our company’s global presence, we aim to maintain the brand’s identity as distinctly Filipino,” said Nuñez.

He added, “The Philippines is known all around the world for many reasons—world-class beaches, exotic cuisine, friendly locals. One of the objectives of Beer Below Zero is to add to that list by making the Philippines the top source and destination for revolutionary refrigeration technology for extremely cold beers,” added Nuñez

Beer Below Zero was founded in May 2008. Since then, it has created demand for beer refrigeration technology. The company also produces small beer freezers for personal use. Moreover, their freezers can be rented out for special events.

Now, it has more than 800 outlets in the Philippines and over 200 in international markets, including Guam, Hawaii, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Chile.

Nunez and his two beer-loving friends invented Beer Below Zero.

“To keep the beer ice cold, drinkers would usually pour the beer in a glass with ice. But as the ice, which is made from water, melts, the beer is diluted by water and loses its flavor. But taken from a Beer Below Zero freezer, part of the beer itself is frozen, thus retaining the flavor of the beer,” Nunez said.

The special freezer cools the beer to perfect temperature resulting to a more crisp taste that can be enjoyed by all.