DBM, MMDA questioned over ‘missing’ anti-flood projects

By , on October 15, 2014

(Malacanang stock photo)
(Malacanang stock photo)

MANILA – The House of Representatives yesterday questioned the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) over the delayed implementation of flood control projects.

The chairman of the House Committee on Metro Manila Development asked both the DBM and the MMDA to explain the delays of the projects which were fully funded by the Congress.

To make sure that funds are properly spent, Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo said that the lawmakers should now maximize their “oversight functions.”

“We really have to unearth the reasons for this delay and determine as to whom the blame should be pinned. It can be due to the bidding procedures or the slow downloading of funds from the DBM,” Castelo said.

He noted that of the P531.13 million flood control funds allocated in Metro Manila, only 40 percent was recorded to have been spent during the first quarter of 2014.

“Lately we have seen the tremendous flooding of major thoroughfares, including EDSA. This is causing a lot of inconvenience to the commuting public, loss of moneys, loss of time and productivity,” Castelo told reporters during the Ugnayan Media Forum.

He added that in 2012, the same problem occurred when the Commission on Audit released an information indicating that 49 flood control projects were not implemented.

This is despite the allocation of a total of P322 million for the said for the said projects.

Castello cited the “bureaucratic bottleneck” as one of the reasons of the delays in the disbursement of funds for the projects.