Billy Crawford: Coleen is a blessing

By , on October 15, 2014

Actor-Singer Billy Crawford (Facebook photo)
Actor-Singer Billy Crawford (Facebook photo)

MANILA – Despite being older than 10 years, actor Billy Crawford admits that his girlfriend Coleen Garcia is more sensible than he is.

“I’d like to think that every one of us can be hardheaded at times. Both Coleen and I are guilty of this, but in all fairness to her, 98.9 percent of the time, she is more sensible than I am. I guess, age does not really affect maturity,” said Crawford during an interview.

He shared as well that having his girlfriend is a blessing.

“I continuously learn a lot from Coleen. She brings out the best in me. She makes me feel young and happy. And the medicine to being young is just being happy,” shared Crawford.

Indeed, his happiness shows a lot these days especially when he was filming Viva Film’s “Moron 5.2: The Transformation.”

The movie, which will start showing on November 5, stars Crawford together with Luis Manzano, Marvin Agustin, DJ Durano, and Matteo Guidicelli as fathers to talented children.

When asked about if he has plans of settling down, he said that he sometimes think about it but he does not want to rush Garcia.

“Coleen is still young, and she might have many plans. She also wants to continue pursuing her career as an actress, she wants to go back to school, and I’m here to support her.”

He added that he is preparing for their future.

“Now is the right time and age for me to actually (ponder on) venturing into business,” he said.