Abad reveals LP’s ‘sentimental choice’ for 2016

By , on October 15, 2014

DILG Secretary and Liberal Party frontrunner for 2016 Mar Roxas (Photo from Roxas' official Facebook page)
DILG Secretary and Liberal Party frontrunner for 2016 Mar Roxas (Photo from Roxas’ official Facebook page)

MANILA – Interior Secretary Mar Roxas is still the Liberal Party’s “sentimental choice” standard bearer in the coming 2016 presidential elections, according to Budget Secretary Florencio Abad.

“He is the sentimental choice of the LP right now, not just because he gave up in 2010 to give way, we see him as [someone] competent, a person of integrity, which may well be the main issue in 2016. As it was in 2010, he has quite a number of upsides going for him,” Abad said in an interview on ANC’s “Beyond Politics.”

Abad added that the only reason for Roxas not to be the standard bearer of LP in the 2016 race is if he would decline the nomination from the president.

He explained that there is a process in choosing the candidates and the said process has not yet started for the LP.

“The process for choosing a candidate has not started. If you recall, then-Senator Aquino had 8 months when he declared himself available to run for president. It’s hard to say, especially when you’re talking about presidential elections,” he explained.

Regarding allegations that President Aquino will be running for a second term, Abad clarified that the President never explicitly said that he wants term extension.

”I’m close to the President, I cannot speak on his behalf on this issue. He’s been interviewed. He has never unequivocally said he wants terms extension. What he has always said is important to listen to what the people say,” he said.