Derek says Angelica accepted his apology

By , on October 11, 2014

Photo: Facebook Page of Derek Ramsay
Photo: Facebook Page of Derek Ramsay

MANILA – Actor Derek Ramsay, embroiled in yet another lawsuit filed against him by estranged wife Mary Christine Jolly, said that his former girlfriend, Angelica Panganiban, has accepted his apology for having been dragged into the latest legal battle between him and his ex-spouse.

On Wednesday, Jolly filed concubinage complaints against Ramsay and Panagniban at the office of the Parañaque City prosecutor.

Speaking to reporters from on Thursday night, Ramsay said that he has already spoken with Panganiban and her mother to offer his apologies for the situation; and although he cannot do anything to reverse Jolly’s decision, he felt the need to reach out to Panganiban.

“I… I spoke to her and the mom. Ayaw ko nang pag-usapan ‘yung sa amin ni Angel (I do not want to speak of matters concerning me and Angel.) I just want to reach out to her and her family. That’s the right thing to do… Her name is being dragged and it’s just right for me to apologize. I can’t stop somebody from filing any case, they can go ahead and do that. Hindi ko siya mapipigilan (I cannot stop her (Jolly)),” he said.

Reporters then asked if his apology was accepted, to which Derek replied: “Yeah, yeah.”
Panganiban, who is now dating actor John Lloyd Cruz, was Ramsay’s girlfriend for several year following his estrangement from his wife.

Ramsay expressed his happiness that Panganiban is in a good place in her relationship with Cruz, and said: “I don’t want to get involved in their relationship. I am happy that they are both happy together. For me, nadawit ang pangalan ni Angel (Angel’s name was involved) and I have, you know, six years of my life with Angel. So I’ll do anything that I can to protect her. Hindi ko siya papabayaan (I will not neglect her).”