PNP chief should be removed from post says Sen. Santiago

By , on October 10, 2014

"Iron Lady of Asia" Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago (Photo courtesy of @SenMiriam on Twitter)
“Iron Lady of Asia” Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago (Photo courtesy of @SenMiriam on Twitter)

MANILA – Senator Miriam Defenson Santiago said that Philippine National Police chief Director General Alan Purisima should be removed from his post given that he already confessed to bribery.

Santiago, during a real estate convention on Friday, took a swipe at Purisima’s property in Nueva Ecija, the discounts he received from his vehicles purchase, and donations.

“You would think that policemen nowadays spend all their working hours under the sun, but no. They own 5-hectare estates with swimming pool and complete landscape,” Santiago said.

Purisima admitted that he owns a 4.7 hectare property in Nueva Ecija. However, he is insisting that it is not a mansion, but just an ordinary house. The said property is the subject of a plunder complaint against him saying that the PNP chief is not stating his assets property to which he denied.

He also admitted to owning vehicles that he purchased with huge discounts.

However, Santiago noted that the P11 million donation to Purisima, which the latter accepted, for his “White House,” is a sign of bribery.

“He does not deny it. He admits it. Actually, he said that he beautified his home inside the camp,” said Santiago.

She added, “That is a direct confession and admission to the crime of bribery.”

Santiago also bashed Purisima for not taking a leave of absence in the light of the controversies that he is facing.

“He refuses to go on leave of absence, thus igniting suspicion that he will use all the powers and prerogatives of a PNP chief to silence his critics.”

Her humble suggestion to President Benigno Aquino III is this, “I have a humble suggestion. President Aquino should appoint Purisima as a member of the National Police Commission, or as assistant secretary of either the DILG (Department of Interior and Local Government) or the DND (Department of National Defense) or to some other position which is what is called by the law as incompatible with his present office as PNP chief.”

Santiago added, “That is the best way under the circumstances to get rid of a suspicious character.”