Administration’s performance rating drops in survey

By , on October 10, 2014

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MANILA – Following the issue of government worker’s pay, the administration’s performance rating went down in a Pulse Asia survey last September.

The decline by eight points from 36 percent in June to 28 percent in September is the Aquino administration’s biggest drop in survey.

The approval ratings at 28 percent scored 8 points lower than the 36 percent who disapproved and another 36 percent who were undecided.

Meanwhile, the administration won a majority of approval rating at 53 percent, because of its efforts to fight criminality.

On the issue of corruption, Pulse Asia said that no significant changes in public opinion were recorded between June and September 2014. This data is true for the geographic areas and socio-economic groups included in the survey.

Other performance ratings based on various government issues are as follows: stopping the destruction and abuse of our environment, 42 percent approval, 19 percent disapproval; controlling fast population growth, 35 percent approval, 27 percent disapproval; creating more jobs, 34 percent approval, 29 percent disapproval; improving/increasing the pay of workers, 28 percent approval, 36 percent disapproval; reducing poverty, 26 percent approval, 39 percent disapproval;  and controlling inflation, 22 percent approval, 46 percent disapproval.

“Virtually the same percentage (49 percent) expressed concern regarding the low pay of workers,”Pulse Asia said.

“A second cluster of national issues deemed urgent by Filipinos includes fighting corruption in government (41 percent), creating more jobs (38 percent), and reducing poverty (35 percent),” Pulse Asia added.

“Meanwhile, a quarter of Filipinos (25 percent) consider criminality as an urgent national concern. Another group of issues cited by Filipinos as urgent includes enforcing the rule of law (15 percent), promoting peace (12 percent), controlling population growth (12 percent), and protecting the environment (12 percent).

“Filipinos are least concerned about Charter change (6 percent) and defending the country’s territorial integrity against foreigners (5 percent),” it added.