Ramsay’s ex files ‘concubinage’ lawsuit; digs up relationship with Angelica Panganiban

By , on October 9, 2014

Photo from Derek Ramsay's official Facebook Page.
Photo from Derek Ramsay’s official Facebook Page.

MANILA – Failed negotiations toward an amenable child support settlement have prompted Derek Ramsey’s estranged wife, Mary Christine Jolly, to file a new lawsuit against the actor. And this time it seems that Jolly is done playing nice.

Ramsay’s ex-wife has dug up some skeletons in her latest legal action; having filed a concubinage complaint against Ramsay, relative to his relationship with former girlfriend, actress Angelica Panganiban.

Accompanied by her legal counsel, lawyer Argee Guevara, Jolly hurled the allegations that Ramsay asked Pangangiban to live together, “and transform their relationship into a setup just like that of husband and wife.” The case was filed on Wednesday at the office of the Parañaque City prosecutor.

Jolly added that she is in possession of “overwhelming evidence” that Ramsay and Panganiban lived together for a period of five years in Marina Heights Subdivision in Sucat; a choice they made “despite knowledge’’ Ramsay was still in a binding marriage contract.

The complainant referenced an article written in April 2013 by Carlo Arcangel for Star Studio magazine, which detailed events of Ramsay and Panganiban’s relationship. Jolly said she “came across and read just a few days ago,” pointing out that Ramsay and Panganiban “shamelessly admitted before the public that they cohabited for several years and traveled together in various parts of the country and the world.”

“It cannot be denied that the respondents are guilty of concubinage. I hereby execute this complaint-affidavit to attest to the truthfulness and correctness of the foregoing facts and for the purpose of charging the respondents with concubinage.” Jolly added.

Based on the article written by Arcangel, it was likewise stated by Guevera that Panganiban had prior knowledge of the marriage; which is one of the angles necessary in the filing of a concubinage complaint.

Jolly, a former commercial model, filed a complaint in June with the Makati City prosecutor’s office, in which she accused her ex-husband of violating the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act. She says that she filed the complaint to pressure Ramsay to live up to his obligations towards the support of their 11-year-old son, who resides with her in Dubai.

Despite news that a settlement would soon be reached, both parties have failed to do so due to continued conflict in opinion.