Tom Rodriguez says his mom was surprised after seeing Naked Truth pics

By , on October 8, 2014

Facebook Photo

MANILA — Many admired actor Tom Rodriguez’s performance during the recently held The Naked Truth fashion show of Bench.

However, his mom was concerned when she saw her son’s photos in Facebook.

“I told my sister to keep it a secret from my mom. However, my mother knows how to use Facebook. She’s super surprised to see my photos,” said Rodriguez while laughing. “But she’s super proud, because she knows I’ve been working hard for that day.”

He added, “Before she only plays Solitaire. But now, she’s very tech-savvy.”

When asked about how Carla Abellana reacted, Rodriguez shared that the actress was also shocked but happy and proud of him.

If given the chance, Rodriguez will not hesitate to do it again. He also dismissed rumors about him supposedly “padding” up his underwear.

“No, no. It’s all natural,” shared Rodriguez.