Woman left for dead by “Ipit Taxi” gang

By , on October 7, 2014

A Toyota Vios airport taxi.  / Wikipedia Photo
A Toyota Vios airport taxi. / Wikipedia Photo

MANILA – A woman fortunately escaped after being stabbed and left for dead by “Ipit-Taxi” gang members in Metro Manila.

The victim, who was identified as Anna, said that she flagged a taxi on Katipinan Avenue. After a few meters, two men rode the taxi and declared a hold-up. One sat beside Anna and threatened her with a knife, while the other one sat next to the driver.

According to Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) head Senior Superintendent Albert Ferro, the victim gave P1,500 cash, cellphone, laptop, and several ATM cards to the robbers.

They rode for four hours until they reached Makati.

Anna tried to fight back when she sensed that they were going to hurt her. The robbers stabbed her and left her thinking that she was already dead. They left the victim’s body in Payatas dump site in Quezon City.

“They [suspects] dumped the victim there without knowing that she only pretended to be dead. I admire her courage,” said Ferro.

Anna cried for help as soon as the robbers left. The residents of Payatas immediately came to her rescue.

Investigation showed that the victim rode a Dean Taxi with play number UVZ 218. The driver was located in his house in Barangay Bagong Silang, Caloocan City. The police arrested the suspects named Ildefonso and Edwardo Floreto. Both admitted to doing the crime.

Ildefonso Floreto said that he acted as the spotter and driver, while his companions would wait at a predetermined area.

“I’m tasked to pick-up the passenger. After, I will stop by the place where my accomplices are waiting. Then we will hold-up the passenger,” said Ildefonso.

Ildefonso’s brother, Edwardo, will get the valuables. Their third member was identified as “Loloy,” and is still at large.

According to the two, it was Loloy who stabbed Anna.

“Anna was already making a scene. Loloy then stabbed her. I was actually surprised when he did that,” said Ildefonso.

The Floreto brothers are asking for forgiveness from the victim saying that they do not have any choice but to do it because of financial problems.

Chief of the inter-tech support section of CIDG-MCUI Inspector Richard Macador said that the “Ipit-Taxi” Gang usually targets women who travel alone.