Plant sap used in ATM hacking

By , on October 7, 2014

ShutterStock image
ShutterStock image

MANILA – A man was brought to the police after he allegedly tried to hack an automated teller machine using plant sap.

Vivencio Cruel was seen together with his accomplice Erwin Bantolome through a surveillance footage using sap from a jackfruit tree. Based from police reports, the suspects make use of an aluminum plate with plant sap to block the cash dispenser of the ATM slot. Once the bills were blocked by the plate, the suspects will then get the money.

Sometimes, they will leave the aluminum plate for days. As a result, they were able to get large sums of money.

According to Cruel, they only operate on one bank. However, further investigation showed that their modus operandi is all over the metro.

Cruel is currently detailed at Marikina City Police Station.

The police is advising the public to be wary of this new modus operandi. They are encouraging the public to immediately report to the bank’s security guard once they suspect of any questionable acts whenever they withdraw money.