Piolo-KC breakup, revisited on E! News special episode

By , on October 7, 2014

Photo: Facebook Page of Piolo Pascual
Photo: Facebook Page of Piolo Pascual

MANILA – Actor Piolo Pascual has finally opened up about his controversial break-up a few years ago with actress KC Concepcion, as it has recently been talked of in a special E! News episode.

“I said what I said. Huwag na nating palakihin ‘yon. Para sa akin two years na ‘yon. As much as possible ayaw ko nang magsalita about it. We didn’t know what was going to come out. When I was interviewed, no anything about her… I didn’t know what they were going to release it,” Pascual told members of the media who were present at Monday’s press conference for his Sunpiology Fun Run to be held on November 15.

The 30-minute E! News special episode, which aired internationally on September 28, highlighted Pascual’s 2-decade-long career; delving into bits of his personal life, such as his son Iñigo’s DNA test and the highly-publicized breakup with Concepcion.

Speaking on the topic of the breakup, Pascual’s sister, Chiqui Gonzales, said that the family – especially Pascual’s mother – was “very sad” about the turn of events.

Pascual and Concepcion’s breakup was described by the E! News show as one that “rocked the showbiz world,” with the latter’s revelations having “sent the media into frenzy.”

The show was referencing Concepcion’s 2011 interview with Boy Abunda, in which she said: “May mga hinahanap ako na napaka-basic lang na hanapin ng isang babae sa isang boyfriend, sa isang lalaki. Ayaw ko na siguro pumunta sa details kasi parang ayaw kong siraan siya.”

This interview on “The Buzz” is what caused rumour mills to churn with speculations as to Pascual’s alleged infidelity and his sexuality, the E! News special said.

Also aired on the show was a voice recording of Pascual’s reaction to the interview; in which he said: “Either way, she was going to come out with it, and you know what I felt? I felt bad for her, because she didn’t have to resort to that. I still love her, you know, with all my heart, but it’s just something that she did that I wish she didn’t do,” he added.

But the actor said, as well, that what he went through then opened a floodgate of support: “That chapter of my life, I must have gotten more than 500 support messages. So much, you know? I’ve never received so much support.”