Fabio and Denisse celebrate their daughter’s baptism

By on October 7, 2014

Photo from Niceprintphoto.com
Photo from Niceprintphoto.com

MANILA, Philippines – Brazilian-Japanese model/actor Fabio Ide and ex-girlfriend Denisse Oca celebrated the baptism of their five-month-old daughter, Danielle.

“Finally, I was able to open [up] that I’m the daddy of a beautiful little girl, my baby girl, si Danielle Mikayla. It’s a new phase of my life now as a father. I’m just really excited,” Fabio said in an interview. “It’s a beautiful feeling. It’s just an amazing feeling, you know.”

Fabio is eager to do what it takes to be a good father to Danielle, though he and Denisse are no longer together.

“I told Denisse already and I will definitely put my name on the kid. She will have my love and she will have everything she deserves. Even though we are not together, we are good friends and we have to work as a team so Danielle can have the best,” Fabio said.

A photo of the family at the event went viral online.

The public had mixed opinions regarding the controversial photo.

Some admired Fabio for being a proud father rather than keeping it a secret like how celebrities in the same situation do. Others, however, looked down on him for having a child out of marriage.

“First, I didn’t expect to have a kid in this circumstance. Usually, you expect to get married first, but sometimes, life gives you challenges and sometimes things happen and you are not prepared yet,” Fabio said.

Michelle Pamintuan, Fabio’s current non-showbiz girlfriend, recently voiced her resentment on Instagram when Denisse’s mother, Melissa Mendez, posted photos of the baptism on social media.

Denisse answered back and insisted that they had the consent of Fabio.

“Michelle insists that we agreed to keep the baptism private but this is not true. About the photos that my mom posted, but it was his foul-mouthed girlfriend who did all the complaining and started posting rude comments on my mom’s posts,” Denisse said in an official statement.

Fabio became disappointed with the rift between Denisse and Michelle.

“What happened between them is really sad. Of course, I was really upset. I gave Michelle the chance for her to understand, to support me, to be on my side, and in fairness to her, she was really supportive,” Fabio said. “Denise is sad, the mom is sad, but right now, I’m trying not to focus on that. I’m just trying to focus on my kid and that’s it. I forgave Michelle already, you know, for what she said.”

With report from Cyra Moraleda