Andi, unharmed after 15-ft fall; says dad protected her

By , on October 6, 2014

Andi Eigenmann (Facebook photo)
Andi Eigenmann (Facebook photo)

MANILA – Actress Andi Eigenmann fell from15-feet off the ground on Sunday, while filming on the set of her latest Viva movie under director Tikoy Aquiluz.

Veronique Corpus, Viva Artists Agency president said in an official statement: “It was an unfortunate accident. Viva brought Andi to the hospital for all tests and she was later cleared and discharged. We are all too happy that Andi’s well and fine.”.

Andi took to Twitter to personally thank her late father, veteran actor Mark Gil; whom she believes protected her from being harmed in the fall:

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Viva has not released any more details as to how the accident took place.