Jake Cuenca says ‘Naked Truth’ marks last undie-show appearance

By , on October 3, 2014

Jake Cuenca (Wikipedia photo)
Jake Cuenca (Wikipedia photo)

MANILA – Actor-model Jake Cuenca says that he has no regrets, about having joined a popular local underwear fashion show, but the he has also decided it will be his last appearance on the said show’s runway.

In an interview on the show Tapatan Ni Tunying, Jake explained: “I actually gave my all so that was my last. I’m never doing it again. I don’t want to come to the point where the audience won’t care to scream for me anymore,” explains Jake in airing today.

He shared that despite having received some criticism for his skimpy, butt-revealing thong, he felt good about his performance – which featured some acrobatic stunts –  in the BENCH “Naked Truth” underwear show.

“That was amazing. The crowd’s screaming was amazing. I just wish I worked out more, because I was fat,” he said.

This year’s show generated a lot of controversy, due to a segment in which actor Coco Martin came out portraying the role of “master” with his female “pet” on a leash. The segment received strong criticism from women’s groups, cause-oriented organizations, and a large sector of the public.