Tom Rodriguez’s guests walked out during “Don’t lose the money” taping

By , on October 2, 2014

Tom Rodriguez with Carla Abellana. Facebook Photo

MANILA — Indeed, last Monday’s episode of “Don’t Lose the Money” is worth remembering for host Tom Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was about to announce the results of the game when contestant Pancho Magno walked out of the set. Immediately, his teammates Bettinna Carlos and Victor Basa went after him.

The members of the opposing team looked pissed off with Rafael Roselle leaving the stage as well. This prompted John “Sweet” Lapus to blurt out, “how cheap, this is just a game,” to teammate Pauleen Luna.

Afterwards, the contestants who left the stage walked back carrying cakes with candles for Rodriguez. The antics they played were all part of their surprise for the birthday boy.

Rodriguez started sobbing, especially when he saw his special lady Carla Abellana with the contestants. Abellana tried to console Rodriguez and delivered her wish for him.

“I know that God will bless you abundantly, especially because you work so hard and you are so determined,” said Abellana. “So what I wish for your birthday is for you to be able to endure all the trials, and struggles that will come to you.”

She added that they have more surprises for the game show host. Abellana then pointed to the screen where an AVP is being played. The video showed greetings from Rodriguez’s father, mother, sisters, brother-in-law, nephews, and nieces who are all in the U.S.

“Happy birthday! Love you, miss you. I watched your show yesterday, it was great. Love you, love you,” said his dad William Mott.

Rodriguez was overjoyed, and thanked everybody who planned the surprise.

“Thank you everyone… best birthday ever. Even though I’m far away from my family and that I miss them so much, I’m still happy. Thank you so much,” he said.