It’s hard to be a single mom, says LJ Reyes

By , on October 2, 2014

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MANILA – Actress LJ Reyes recently admitted that being a single mom no work in a park.

Speaking during a pocket press conference for Perry P. Lansingan artists, Reyes shared that sometimes she find it difficult to balance her career and being a mom to son, four-year-old Aki. As a matter of fact, during the press conference, she brought her son along because she did not have a nanny that day.

“It’s hard because my attention is always divided,” she said.

Reyes also shared how she disciplines her son.

“I don’t want to embarrass Aki, especially in front of many people,” said Reyes. “So what I do, I bring him to a private area and talk to him whenever he does not listen to me, that way I know I have his undivided attention.”

She noted that she only spanks Aki if needed.

“We already have an established process. I give him three warnings. Once he reaches the third warning, that’s the time I spank him. It’s difficult but I need to do it,” said Reyes.

She added, “I’m both his mom and dad, so my treatment with him differs. If you’re the mom, you’re more nurturing. If you’re the dad, you’re more of a disciplinarian. In my case, I have to be both because it’s necessary.”

When asked about her lovelife, Reyes shared that she does not have time to go on dates. Rather, she spends her time with friends.

“I find serious dating difficult because it might be hard for my case,” she said.

However, she added that she is not closing any possibilities.

“I want to meet someone very responsible, God-fearing, family-oriented, and loving,” said Reyes referring to her dream guy. “I want someone who shares the same values with me.”