FHM model apologizes to general

By , on October 2, 2014

Philippine National Police Headquarters / Wikipedia Photo
Philippine National Police Headquarters / Wikipedia Photo

MANILA – Model Alyzza Agustin sent her apologies on Wednesday to the police general, to his family, and to the Philippine National Police (PNP) for using a calling card to get out of a traffic violation.

According to PNP spokesman Senior Supt. Wilben Mayor, it is not illegal to give out calling cards but if they’re used to get out of trouble or to gain favors, then it becomes another matter.

He added that the PNP should not have been drawn into this controversy in the first place.

Agustin on Monday bragged in her Facebook account about how she used an official’s card to get away from violating the color-coding scheme. She posted this message: “I was caught again because I violated the number coding scheme but because of you, Boss Alex, I was not apprehended. Thank you so much for this useful business card with matching dedication.”

The message also showed a message that states: “Please assist my EA, Alyzza Agustin” followed by a signature.

“I emphasize that it’s not the fault of the official,” Mayor said referring to Chief Supt. Alexander Ignacio, the director for plans of PNP.

He added, “The offender is the woman. She violated a traffic rule then bragged about getting away with it on social media. At the same time, she misrepresented that she’s acquainted with the official,” Ignacio added.

The controversy came at the most unfortunate moment for the 150,000-strong PNP. Currently, its chief, Director General Alan Purisima is under the limelight for allegations of corruption and unexplained wealth. Add to that the rising cases of criminality.

Agustin already posted a public apology on her Facebook account. She already deactivated her page, but motoring magazine Top Gear was able to copy a screenshot of her original post.

“I would like to apologize to everyone who was affected and offended by my post: fellow motorists, Director Alexander C. Ignacio and his family, and the PNP institution as a whole. I was just overwhelmed by that moment because I was caught in traffic for hours coming from work. I would like to make it a point that I do not know Director Alexander C. Ignacio personally,” Agustin said.

In a separate statement, Ignacio denied that Agustin is his executive assistant. He also added that the calling card used by Agustin is not his official one.

“I am a chief superintendent (one-star rank) and not a police director (two stars). Alyzza Agustin is not my executive assistant and there is no such position in my office,” said Ignacio.

According to Mayor, Ignacio may pursue a complaint against Agustin.

“When a violator shows you a calling card, the more that you should issue a citation. A calling card is not a badge or pass to commit a violation,” he added.