Fabio Ide admits he has a child

By , on October 1, 2014

Fabio Ide. Facebook Photo
Fabio Ide. Facebook Photo

MANILA – Actor and Brazilian model Fabio Ide admitted through his Instagram account on Tuesday that he already has a daughter from a “casual encounter” with socialite Denisse Oca.

Ide is currently in a relationship with Michelle Pamintuan. He said that he met Oca two months before he met his current girlfriend.

On the other hand, the child was earlier linked to Phil Younghusband.

Ide’s Instagram account was posted as a response to Oca’s post a few hours before his. His complete statement may be seen below:

“This is my official statement regarding the issue at hand. I’m truly a blessed man to have this beautiful baby girl by my side. 14 months ago (2 months before I met my present girlfriend) I had a casual encounter with Denise Oca and I later found out I got her pregnant and it was only in May this year that I found out I was a dad in a not ideal scenario but because of my upbringing and family values I chose to accept this child and support her no matter what.

“Sometimes life is not what you expect of it but it is always how we react to it and I chose to do the right thing. I have kept this private for a few months just to my family and friends who knew I was going through a tough time.

“There are many fatherless children out there and I refuse for my daughter to be one of them. I have been supporting my daughter from the start but I’m only opening up to the public now bc it’s such a sensitive issue. Thank you so much for supporting me throughout my career and understanding this difficult situation right now.

“It’s so painful to see what is happening now. What my girlfriend said is so hurtful and evil. She already apologized for that and admitted I never said such a thing. I also don’t agree with Denise for posting things online. These problems should be resolved at home with family and friends and not through social media. I’m in the middle of a war zone while the only thing I wanted was to be happy, leave with peace and be a good father. My daughter doesn’t deserve any of this bullshit happening right now.

“If there is one side I will take is my daughter and as I promised myself I will give everything she needs from me as a dad. Thanks for understanding and sorry for dragging all of you into this. Wish things could have been different. Wish none of this would have happened. God bless us all and I pray for this storm to pass soon.”

Prior to Ide’s post, Oca likewise posted in her personal Instagram account showing her text messages with Pamintuan that says:  “Fabio and I were just talking last night and again this morning how AGAIN he wished too that he never had this baby.”

It added, “He wished he could go back in time and sana you had an abortion. What your mom is doing is not helping.”