Delays for terminal fee integration announced

By , on September 30, 2014

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MANILA – The Manila International Airport Authority (Miaa) announced changes on the integration of the airport terminal fee into the cost of an international airline ticket.

To give passengers more time to get used to the mechanics, the implementation will be effective on Nov. 1 and not Oct. 1.

“Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya agreed to the deferment, to adequately inform passengers about the mechanics of the implementation,” Vicente Guerzon Jr., Miaa officer in charge Guerzon said.

Miaa also announced last week that the P550 international passenger service charge will be included in the airline ticket cost starting Wednesday.

This is to avoid long queues of International passengers who are paying the terminal fee.

The Miaa also explained that the delay happened “to give more time for affected passengers, especially those exempted from the terminal fee.”

All airlines nationwide that cover passengers flying from Manila to any destination will follow the simultaneous implementation of the integration.

Meanwhile, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), Muslim pilgrims endorsed by the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, athletes endorsed by the Philippine Sports Commission, and those authorized by the Office of the President are exempted from paying the terminal fee.

The Miaa also added that the full process of the implementation will be taking year-long and will be fully implemented by October next year.