No human being deserved to be violated, says Cherry Pie

By , on September 26, 2014

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MANILA — “No human being deserve to be violated that way,” said actress Cherry Pie Picache about her mother who died because of stab wounds in her home in Quezon City on Friday.

According to police, Picache’s mother, Zenaida Sison, was killed with the intent of robbery. Sison, 75-years-old, was cremated last Wednesday afternoon.

“I’m angry; the whole family feels the same. We demand answers to a lot of questions,” said Picache on Tuesday during her mother’s wake at the Arlington Memorial Chapels in Quezon City.

Sison’s body was in a closed white casket leaving many people to speculate that maybe her face was severely damaged. However, Picache said that they only did this to give their mother her dying wish.

She also added that her mother wished to be cremated immediately after death. But they were not able to fulfill this one because they had to wait for some relatives from the United States to come home.

The actress added: “She also wanted us to be gathered, complete—that’s what I’m realizing now. Through her death, the family became united. We are now more expressive of our love for each other. We’ve always been close, but not like this.”

Pinky Herrera-Hibbard, sister of Picache, said that she last saw their mother during their trip to Beihin in 2014.

“It was our way of celebrating Mom’s 75th birthday (in advance) because I couldn’t celebrate it with her this year. She was a well-traveled person, but had not gone to Beijing before. The trip was nice, also because Cherry Pie and her son (Neo) joined us,” said Herrara-Hibbard.

She added: “Mom told me, ‘This may be our last trip together.’ Since she is sometimes sentimental, I simply replied, ‘We’ll [take] another trip when you come visit me in the US.’ I hold on to that memory because that’s the very last time I saw her alive.”

According to Picache’s talent manager Ed Instrella, the actress has yet to grieve.

He explained, “She is the linchpin of the family at the moment. She knows that she has to be strong for everybody.”

Instrella also shared that Picache was very careful in revealing the news about their mother’s death because he was recovering from stroke.

“I felt dizzy when I learned what happened. Once I was strong enough, I went to the house to be with Pie, but I purposely didn’t look around,” he said.

Some friends in the industry who expressed their condolences from Picache’s loss include Gelli de Belen and Carmina Villaroel. Former Senator Ernesto Maceda also joined in celebrating the mass.