I have nothing against Daniel, says Sam Concepcion

By on September 26, 2014

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Wikipedia Photo

MANILA– Actor-singer Sam Concepcion has no hard feelings against Daniel Padilla following the recent viral “audio scandal” which involved his girlfriend Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

As a matter of fact, Concepcion even appreciated Padilla for admitting his wrongdoing.

In the audio clip, Padilla was heard expressing his excitement over his text exchange with Curtis-Smith.

“I’m glad he knows his mistake. He was good enough to admit it,” Concepcion said during a television interview.

Concepcion also defended his girlfriend saying, “Jasmine has nothing to do with this. It’s just a conversation among friends and sometimes you are able to utter those things.”

When asked how he feels toward Padilla, Concepcion said that he has nothing against him.

“If we’re very close, maybe I will be more pissed. But things like these, you just learn to shrug it off and just brush it off. This is not my issue. I think it’s an issue of his character,” he said.

He advised Padilla to “be more careful” next time.

“He just has to be more careful. Sometimes even if it’s our friends who we are talking to… with the words that we say, sometimes, we have to be accountable for it and we have to be careful,” Concepcion said.