Mar answers allegations on P11.4-M Crame house

By , on September 25, 2014

DILG Sec. Manuel 'Mar' Roxas (PNA Photo)
DILG Sec. Manuel ‘Mar’ Roxas (PNA Photo)

MANILA – Defending the Philippine National Police (PNP), Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II said three private donors shouldered the expenses for the construction of the official residence of the PNP chief.

Roxas identified three donors during the hearing on the budget of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

He said that the so-called White House of the chief at Camp Crame, which initially reported to cost P20 million was funded by private donors and not by the department.

He identified Carlos Gonzales of Ulticon Builders, lawyer Alexander Lopez of Pacific Concrete Corp. and Christopher Pastrana of CAPP Industries as the donors.

He said that PNP has already submitted a letter to the Commission on Audit’s resident auditor to explain the issue.

Disproving earlier allegations that the house cost P20 million, he said, quoting the letter, that only P11.4 million was spent for the project.

Roxas also submitted a deed of donation indicating that the donors “have no business interests in the PNP and do not intend or expect to have business relationship with the PNP, but are making the donation for the sole purpose of supporting the PNP.”

“What is important here is that there would be no undue influence by any one of those that donated these things,” Roxas said.