Derek Ramsay to son: Please don’t hate me

By , on September 24, 2014

Photo from Derek Ramsay's official Facebook Page.
Photo from Derek Ramsay’s official Facebook Page.

MANILA — Derek Ramsay expressed his appreciation for all the support he’s receiving despite the issues surrounding him and his son.


“A lot of people are attacking me, but there are still others who continue to support me and that’s what’s important,” said Ramsay during his press conference for “The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2.


In August, his ex-wife Mary Christine Jolly filled a complaint against him saying that he neglected his obligations to their now 11-year-old son.

On Thursday, Ramsay attended the meeting at the Makati Prosecutor’s Office. During the closed-door meeting, Ramsay said that his ex-wife gave him two minutes to talk to their son.

“I have two minutes, that’s all she granted me, two minutes with him at the fiscals office. After two minutes she was knocking on the door as if I’m corrupting my son’s mind,” he recalled.

On the same day, his son presented him a letter which states how much the boy hates Ramsay.

“I don’t believe that he wrote that and I don’t believe…” Derek said. “I asked my son if he wrote it and he meant it. When he said yes, I kept my mouth shut for the rest of the meeting.”

He said that he felt miserable after hearing it and he still finds it hard to believe. Ramsay recalled their first meeting where he said that his son called him “dad.”

He added, “So when I asked him about it at the meeting he said, ‘I didn’t say that. I didn’t call you dad. I hate you,’” he recalls, teary-eyed.

According to Ramsay, he found out about his son in 2011.

“I was very cooperative when I found out that he was my son,” he said when asked what he did after learning that he has a son. “Immediately we sat down and discussed what’s best for my son, and we did, we had a contract.”

He added, “They were the ones who drafted the contract, they’re even the ones who notarized the contract, and everything I thought was smooth sailing from there. But here we are after three years.”

Ramsay noted that the contract that they signed in 2011 was not followed. He said that he only saw his son four times in a span of three years.

The actor shared that he no longer minds the demands coming from the party of his ex-wife. What matters most to him is for him to be allowed to be a father to his son.

“I want to have the right to be a father, I want to have the right to see my son, I definitely want to give him good education coz that’s the best way to give back, to secure his future with good education. That’s what my parents did to me, they sent me to the best school that they can afford. I want to give him the best education, a trust fund,” he said.

He is even willing to get along with his estranged wife for their son’s sake. But the problem is that “her request keeps changing.”

As they settle the issue, Ramsay pleads to his son: “just please don’t close your doors on me, that’s all I’m asking you.”