Daniel Padilla admits clip is real

By , on September 24, 2014

Wikipedia photo
Wikipedia photo

MANILA — Teenage actor Daniel Padilla confirmed that it was his voice heard in the short clip that’s making its rounds in social media on Friday.

During his interview on “Aquino & Abunda Tonight” last Monday, Padilla took the issue lightly saying, “They outsmarted me. Let’s wait for the second round.”

He said that it was one of his friends who shared the audio clip online.

‘I can’t do anything about it,” he said when asked about how he felt about the issue. “We’re not really that close, but I consider that person my friend. These things happen, but I don’t understand why. But it’s okay.”

The persons linked in this issue are couple Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Sam Concepcion. Padilla is working with Curtis-Smith for the movie “Bonifacio,” an entry to the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival.

In the clip, Padilla was talking about how Curtis-Smith replied to his text messages. He also said that nobody will bother him now, especially the friends of “Sam.”

Fans of the Daniel-Kathryn Bernando love team took on to social media their messages to Curtis-Smith.

“Kathryn feels bad about what happened. It’s all a misunderstanding and I already explained to her what happened. She already forgave me,” said Padilla. “I don’t have anybody to blame for this. It’s all me.”

He added, “I thank the Lord for giving me trials such as this.”