Pinoy care homeowners under arrest for wage theft

By , on September 22, 2014

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MANILA —  A Filipino care homeowner was arrested on Tuesday because of wage theft and fraud in California.

Florinda Yambao, owner of Floran White Dove Care Homes in Brentwood, did not pay the company’s employees who worked 12 to 16-hour days.

Based on investigation, Yambao owes them almost half a million dollars’ worth of compensation. The employees were only paid $50 to $80 a day.

There are 14 full time employeer and several part-time workers under Yambao – all are Filipino.

The owners of Abraham Rest Homes Inc. and Sanchez Abraham Corporation were also taken into police custody for wage theft.

According to prosecutors, the defendants owe $2 million to their 60 employees.

In the meantime, the deputy district attorney said that they already released a search warrant for Filipino couple Glenda and Rommel Publico who owns Scienn Hall Care Homes that also employ Filipino caregivers.

The Publicos are also believed to be violating labor laws.