Brodie seeks return to Richmond mayor’s seat

By on September 19, 2014


Richmond Mayor Malcom Brodie announced from his office in city hall that he is seeking another term as mayor.

“We’ve achieved so much in Richmond over the last term and in my years as mayor, yet so
much lies ahead,” Mayor Malcolm Brodie said as he officially announced his intention to
run again for Mayor of Richmond, BC. “Richmond has become an international city. With the
Canada Line, the Olympic Oval, the 2010 Winter Olympics and our relationships with Pacific
Rim countries, Richmond has enhanced its international relations and international image. Yet
we have a large challenge in managing our growth – especially in our city centre where we
expect to see most of the added density.”

“Environmental factors are always important in making decisions. Richmond has been a leader
in addressing climate change and generally enhancing the environment. We’ve increased our
waste diversion over the last few years while we’ve increased our parkland such as the Railway
Greenway, improved our key recreational areas, preserved our agricultural land and sought to
reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We are also investing in facilities such as the Minoru Aquatic
and Older Adults Centre, the City Centre Community Centre, and the Fire Halls,” Brodie said.

“With well over 100,000 riders per day on average, the Canada Line takes cars off our streets
not to mention the convenience it provides moving people in and out of Richmond,” Brodie said.
“New development, particularly in the city centre is converted towards the use of public
transportation by residents. We must make sure the entire public transportation system
provides an effective alternative to the use of the motor vehicle.”

“The Richmond Olympic Oval was a premier venue for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. It
now welcomes the community for a multitude of sports, recreation, fitness and wellness
activities. It also supports our Sport Hosting Strategy with many events from local to
international in scope.”

“Community safety will always be important as we improve our quality of life. Though our crime
rate has decreased, we are always prepared in the event of an emergency.”

“Like most cities in the Metro Vancouver, Richmond is growing,” said Brodie. “The challenge is
to manage that growth and protect the quality of life that Richmond residents enjoy. We need to
enhance the development of our city centre as a legacy for the future of Richmond. It is
important that our city be affordable so that everyone from youth to seniors can live here. I
hope to continue to focus on these and many other objectives as Richmond mayor for the next
four years.”