Asean-Canada Business Council Special Meeting

By on September 19, 2014

The Asean – Canada Business Council held a special meeting on Sept. 10, at Max’s Restaurant to discuss various projects like Invest Philippines (c/o Alan Yong); welding school (c/o Cindy Tang and Bob Montes); IDRC & Myanmar trade mission (c/o Jessee Ronquillo and Dana MacCartney); solar power (c/o Alan Yong and Cris Sotana); education (c/o Natie Sotana ); coal- fired power plants (c/o Ed Tapia and Paul Cheung); medical kits (c/o Norma Vito); welding school – Vietnam (c/o Andy Dong ); welding school – Indonesia (c/o Liza Wahjong); Barrick Gold (c/o Vic Ingco and Ruben Versoza). Also present were Dawna Sundara , representing Laos, Cambodia, Dir. Bayu and Deputy Director Akhbar, representing Indonesia Trade Promotion Center. Newly appointed officers were Millie Chan as vice president to replace Terry Bahar; and Liza Wahjong as treasurer.

Asean Canada Business Council Meeting

Asean Canada Business Council Meeting1

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