Titles are not important to me, says Dennis Trillo

By , on September 13, 2014

Wikipedia Photo
Wikipedia Photo

MANILA — During the grand launch of GMA’s newest primetime series last September 11, the network baptized Dennis Trillo as “Drama King.”

Trillo’s reaction was a mixture of happiness and embarrassment.

“I am not ready for these types of tiles because I’m not really after them in the first place,” said Trillo during the interview after the event. “It does not really matter what they call me.”

Added the 33-year-old actor, “But if the network gives it, then so be it. Though, I really find it awkward.”

It has been a year since the phenomenal success of Trillo’s “My Husband Lover,” which he starred alongside Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana. In the show, Trillo played a gay character who is madly in love with Rodriguez. His acting prowess showed through and a lot of viewers commended him for that.

Currently, he has a medical-drama show in GMA titled “Sa Puso ni Dok.”

When asked if he is choosy with regard to the roles he played, Trillo flatly denied it.

“I am not picky. It’s my network that selects the roles that I will play because GMA knows that I like playing out-of-the-box characters,” said Trillo. “I have played a lot of roles – good husband, typical boyfriend.”

He added, “It gets boring, and I need to challenge myself with difficult roles.”