Santiago’s cancer 80% cured; mulling presidency in 2016

By on September 10, 2014

Miriam Defensor-Santiago / Wikipedia Photo
Miriam Defensor-Santiago / Wikipedia Photo

MANILA — Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago on Wednesday announced that 80 percent of her lung cancer has disappeared six weeks after she started taking ‘wonder pill’ worth P2,000 per tablet.

”It turned out that at least 80 percent of my cancer tumor had disappeared,” Santiago told the media after she walked out of a hearing of the committee of foreign affairs of the Commission on Appointments (CA).

Due to her improving health condition, Santiago said she can now continue on her work but advised by her doctors to continue taking the pill introduced by her oncologist Dr. Ronald Nathalie, one of the world’s best oncologists.

”Because it is effective, I can now continue on my work and just build up my strengthen and stamina,” Santiago, who remains on sick leave, said.

Santiago said although the lung cancer has significantly reduce her resistance, “my hair did not fall because of this wonder pill.”

Although she has to wait five years to determine whether she is cancer free, Santiago is giving herself until December to pursue three options, including possibility of running again for president in 2016.

”If I make a full recovery early enough from lung cancer, I am considering three options. My third term as senator will expire in 2016 and I will be disqualified from running again. So I have to run even as president, barangay captain or some other position but not as a senator. That’s my first option,” Santiago said.

The two other options are to join the International Advisory Council of a non-government organization or write a book in Washington, D.C. under a writing fellowship.

”If I don’t make a full recovery and go on to a dark place, I will come back anyway and sabotage the plans of corrupt politicians,” she said.

When asked her possible running mate, Santiago put Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and 2010 losing presidential candidate Gilbert Teodoro on top of her list that also include Senator Grace Poe.

”I love to run with Rudy Duterte. I’m considering Rudy in my opium dream. Maybe Rudy will be a good vice president not only for me but also for anybody who will run for president,” Santiago said.

Santiago said Duterte might be an excellent vice president for enforcement “because our No. 1 problem now is corruption and No. 2 is peace and order.”

”Maybe we should have two women running. How about that lady. Maybe Miriam-Grace which sounds like a restaurant,” Santiago said in jest but added: ‘Miriam and Grace sound like charming.”

When asked for comment, Poe said she is flattered to be considered by Santiago whom she calls her legal mentor.

However, the daughter of the late movie actor Fernando Poe Jr., who also ran but lost in the presidential race in 2004, said she has no plan of running for higher office in 2016.

Santiago ran but lost in the 1992 presidential race won by former President Fidel V. Ramos.