World Poetry Canada hosts 4th Intl. Peace Festival

By on September 9, 2014

world poetry

The World Poetry Reading Series Society is hosting and celebrating the Fourth World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival in Vancouver, B.C. on Oct. 6 to 26.

World Poetry is a unique international network that provides a space for poets, writers, and artists from different cultures to share work in their own perspective and mother tongue. Founded 15 years ago, World Poetry strives to spread respect, honour, support, peace, and love for all through the arts and education. The youngest contributor is 12 and the oldest is 100. The participants have diverse cultural, linguistic, and religious backgrounds, and all come together to create peace and hope to strengthen cultural bonds and build a more harmonious future.

For fruitful 15 years, World Poetry also had a weekly radio show, the World Poetry Café Radio Show on CFRO 100.5 FM which is co-hosted and produced by Ariadne Sawyer. Many people call it: “Their favorite intercultural, multilingual show.” Thousands of poets have been featured on the show and it is heard in 68 countries.
Sawyer is the founder and the woman behind the global peace legacy, the World Poetry Canada and International. She is best described by the poets around the world as, “The next would-be Nobel Peace Prize Awardee”. She was honoured and awarded as Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry “Woman of World Peace Award 2013” at the Marble Hall, National Museum of the Philippines on Nov. 15, 2013.

For the last four years, World Poetry also had a website at world, where poets, musicians, writers, artists and performers are featured from around the world. World Poetry has a mandate to honour, support and respect those whose voices might not be heard.

The festival will feature poetry displays, readings, books launches, film screenings, and awards for those who have contributed to peace and human rights. It will include community partners and participants from different countries, such as Japan, India, Afghanistan, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, the USA and Canada.

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