Switzerland unveils Rizal Park

By , on September 5, 2014

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MANILA — The city of Wassen in Switzerland has recently inaugurated their first Rizal Park.

The bust, donated by the National Commission of Culture and the arts last month was unveiled in a ceremony lead by Ambassador to Switzerland Leslie Baja and canton or district of Uri head Heidi Z’graggen.

“I hope that this connection will serve as a strong foundation for our cultural dialogue,” Z’graggen said in a speech.

She also believes in the connection between Rizal and the Swiss legendary hero William tell, as well as the connection between Manila and Wassen.

“Incidentally, the legendary Swiss hero William Tell, who was also from canton Uri in Altdorf, became an inspiration for Rizal’s ideological philosophies, so much so that he even translated into Tagalog the novel William Tell,” Baja said.

Philippine and Swiss colors were installed in the mountaintop of the site in an area that forms the famous Gotthard hiking trail.