No criminal record for Winnipeg man who took photos up woman’s skirt

By on September 4, 2014


WINNIPEG—A Winnipeg man who got caught taking photos up a woman’s skirt at a Walmart store won’t have a criminal record.

Miles Broadhurst, who is 34, pleaded guilty to voyeurism, but a provincial court judge gave him a conditional discharge.

Broadhurst’s lawyer had argued that a criminal record would hurt his client’s job status at a time when he is the sole income earner for his wife and newborn baby.

Judge Brian Corrin pointed to several letters, written to support Broadhurst, that said he is a caring and compassionate person.

A court-ordered forensic report said the offence occurred because he was acting out during a emotionally fragile time.

Broadhurst had no prior criminal record and is deemed a low to moderate risk to reoffend.

Court heard he wasn’t caught right away. The woman suspected she had been victimized and surveillance cameras inside the store confirmed what had occurred. By then, the photos had been deleted, but police managed to recover them using forensic techniques.

The woman was not in court Wednesday and did not supply an impact statement. Corrin ordered Broadhurst to write her a letter of apology as part of his sentence.

He is also banned from owning a cellular phone with a camera for the next 18 months and must perform 100 hours of community service.

“I think he has learned a needed lesson from his public shaming,” said Corrin.