‘Anti-Chinese’ group in PH worries Beijing

By , on September 3, 2014

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MANILA, Philippines – The existence of a self proclaimed anti-Chinese group believed responsible for the thwarted bombing attempt on Monday has caused Beijing to urge the Philippine government to launch a probe into the matter, in order to assure the security of its diplomatic mission and staff and Chinese nationals in the country.

Citing the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, spokesperson of the Chinese embassy in Manila, Lingxiao Li, said: “We ask the Philippine government to carry out thorough investigations into this case. We hope and believe the Philippines side will take effective measures to ensure the security of the Chinese embassy and staff, as well as all Chinese nationals residing in the Philippines.”

The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations stipulates that the host country must take all necessary steps to safeguard diplomatic missions and prevent any attack on diplomatic staff.

Authorities arrested three people in connection with the foiled attempt to bomb the NAIA terminal 3 on Monday. The suspects, who claim that they are “defenders of the Filipino people,” said that their efforts were intended as a cry to the Philippine government to take a more solid stand in its territorial dispute against China.

It has been found out that the group was also masterminding attacks against the Chinese embassy and Chinese-owned business establishments as a platform for their grievances against China.

In order to allay China’s apprehensions, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said that said it will send a note verbale to the Chinese embassy, assuring them that the anti-China attacks planned by the group has no place in Philippine government policy.

“We will explain to China in a note verbale and assure them that it is not official government policy to use violence in resolving the ongoing territorial dispute,” Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Jose said.