Port congestion expected to limit imports in ‘ber’ months

By , on September 2, 2014

Wikipedia Photo of Manila's overcrowded port
Wikipedia Photo of Manila’s overcrowded port

MANILA — For most importers, peak season starts this month. However, due to the port congestion problem in Manila, seems like the situation will be different this year, according to a group of truckers, importers, and brokers.

Aduana Business Club President Mary Zapata noted that the continuing problem with port congestion may affect the supply this holiday season. She said that foreign vessels are still avoiding Manila because of lack of space in the Port of Manila (POM) and Manila International Container Port (MICP).

She added that the drop is expected because there are still shipments from Hong Kong, China, and Singapore that have not reached the country’s ports yet.

“They don’t want to go here simple because of the delay in anchorage and berthing,” said Zapata.

Starting this month, most importers already get ahold of their shipments before the Christmas holidays start. Usually, the last quarter of the year are the busiest times for them.

However, according to Zapata, given the current situation in Manila, most of these ports can no longer accommodate the shipments leading to a decrease in volume of the said goods.

“There is no movement yet,” Zapata said.