DOE wants regions self-sufficient through energy plans

By on September 1, 2014

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MANILA — The Department of Energy (DOE) is targeting the regional areas to be self sufficient, through the creation of their own power, with the formulation of energy plans.

“The need for regional energy planning is essential for us to explore potential energy sources and promote regional energy security across the nation,” said Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla in a statement on Monday.

Specifically, the DOE said, the Mindoro and Palawan areas have already gained traction on their energy plans, with the former being awarded with 189.3 Megawatts (MW) in renewable energy (RE) projects and the latter having 25.08 MW.

Moreover, Palawan was noted to have another 5 MW on pending applications, while having another halted 1.7 MW on other RE projects. It is dominated by solar and hydro power plants.

For Palawan, the largest power project is the Puerto Princes Solar Project which has 10 MW. It was won by Enfinity Philippines Renewable Resources Inc.

On the other hand, Mindoro has more power potential as assessed by the DOE, having already completed the awarding of 189.3 MW of RE projects, while also having another 47.1 MW potential in RE. It also has a potential of 151.2 MW of potential biomass energy resources, coming from Mindoro’s agricultural lands.

Meanwhile, the Energy Planning and Policy Bureau (EPPB) is already reviewing Palawan’s draft and targets to release it by the last quarter of 2014.

However, Mindoro is still on the process of creating their energy development plan, with their consistent public consultations and meetings. It will be released by the EPPB on the first quarter of 2015.

Petilla said the formulation of regional energy plans is fundamental in the execution of the projects and programs laid out in the Philippine Energy Plan (PEP).