Remulla: Binay is ready to win and govern

By , on August 29, 2014

Vice President Jejomar Binay (Photo courtesy of Binay's official Facebook page)
Vice President Jejomar Binay (Photo courtesy of Binay’s official Facebook page)

MANILA — Cavite Gov. Jonvic Remulla, Vice President Jejomar Binay’s new spokesman, said Binay is “is ready to campaign, ready to win and ready to govern.”

Remulla, who is formerly working for the Nacionalista Party (NP) of former Sen. Manuel Villar Jr., said that he obtained Villar’s blessing before deciding to work for Binay.

This was after Villar confirmed that he is not running for president in 2016, according to Remulla.

The governor is now helping Binay’s team on research for specific strategies and policies for the campaign of Binay in the coming 2016 elections.

“I had only told (Villar) that I was going to help in the campaign but not as a spokesperson,” said Remulla in a phone interview.

Remulla said that he is going to inform Villar personally that he is now going to speak for Binay adding that he only learned about it three weeks ago.

The appointment was following the attacks against Binay for allegedly making money from projects in Makati, the city where he was elected Mayor, years ago.

Remulla said that his appointment is timely, as Binay would need a spokesperson to handle the issues raised against him.

Given this situation, Remulla said that the “defense and offense” moves for Binay should be “put in high gear,” and that messages from Binay are “very crucial” in addressing the issue.

“We have to calibrate the message already,” he said.

Despite this sudden appointment, Remulla said he might no longer need to resign from NP, if Binay creates a party and aligns it to Villar’s party.