Bill mandates regular calibration of gasoline stations

By on August 24, 2014

Rep. Sajid Mangudadatu (Facebook photo)
Rep. Sajid Mangudadatu (Facebook photo)

MANILA — Rep. Sajid Mangudadatu (2nd District, Maguindanao) has filed a House bill prescribing the regular calibration of fuel pumps in all gasoline stations throughout the country.

Mangudadatu said consumers do not get the proper value of their money if the gasoline stations are not properly calibrated.

“There should be a law penalizing unscrupulous gasoline stations owners who are defrauding the people through this scheme,” Mangudadatu said.

Mangudadatu said House Bill 4413 also imposes penalty against government officials who will allow the owners of gasoline stations to operate fuel pumps that are not calibrated.

Under the bill, all fuel pumps in all gasoline stations shall be inspected and calibrated twice a month.

A non-removable tag or seal shall be placed in all fuel pumps and this shall only be replaced during the next inspection and calibration date. Only the representatives of the local government units (LGUs) shall have the authority to remove the seal or tag.

Violators face a fine ranging from P150,000 to P1 million and suspension of permit to operate for three months.

Any person who removes or tampers the seal or tag in the fuel pump shall be penalized with one-year imprisonment and a fine of not more than P500,000.

Likewise, any government official who will allow the owner of the gasoline station to operate without undergoing the periodic inspection and calibration shall suffer a jail term of one year and a fine of not more than P500,000.

Mangudadatu said the bill also requires the LGUs to monitor the gasoline stations in their respective areas.