TD Canada thanks patrons with new ‘ATM’

By on July 31, 2014

TD Bank in Canada turned four of its ATMs in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver into specialized ‘Automatic Thanking Machines’ on July 25th for their #TDThanksYou campaign.

TD’s long-time regular customers got more than cash from this ATM — some got flowers, memorabilias, a start-up education fund, and even plane tickets.

According to TD’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Marketing Chris Stamper, TD Bank pre-selected over a dozen regular customers in each local branch. These chosen patrons were asked to drop by the bank to “test out a new ATM.”

“Our local branch employees know their customers really well and often have close relationships with them. Some have been through tough times and some are just wonderfully kind and caring people,” Stamper told Buzzfeed. “They had no idea what was in store.”

Video courtesy of TD Canada on YouTube