Minor steals key, assists four detainees to escape from jail

By , on July 29, 2014

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Shutterstock photo

MANILA – Police reported that four detainees and one minor who was being held in custody at the Taytay Municipal Police Station escaped before dawn on Monday, but were subsequently recaptured.

The escaped detainees were identified as Florendo Ocampo, 36; Henry De Leon, 28; Christian Dave Lipar, 21, and Jonathan Ruiz, whose age was not made known by reports. They escaped with the help of an unidentified minor, who had been in police custody for some time on charges of theft. The minor had not been incarcerated due to age statutes.

Ocampo, De Leon, and Lipar all face drug-related charges; while Ruiz is in jail for attempted murder.

According to authorities, the minor took the key from the office of the jail guard, PO2 Manuel Fang-asan, when the latter had stepped out to go to the investigation room; adding that the detainees may have coaxed the minor into stealing the key to unlock the jail cell..

Case investigator SPO1 Arnold Timan said that all five escapees were recaptured with the assistance of the girlfriend of one of the detainees.

Meanwhile, Fang-asan and jail warden SPO1 Federico Pampuan were relieved of their duties, due to the negligence involved in the incident..