Gretchen says, “Let them bash”; stays mum on family issues

By , on July 29, 2014

Photo courtesy of Gretchen Baretto's Facebook page
Photo courtesy of Gretchen Baretto’s Facebook page

MANILA – Actress-turned socialite Gretchen Barretto admits she has learned to keep her mouth shut.

Known for her often frank, outspoken ways and pointed speech, Gretchen says: “Ngayon I guess natututo na tayong tumahimik magtikom ng bibig — Tagalog ‘yon.”

Speaking to reporters at the launch of Karat World, her latest product endorsement, Gretchen shared that age has brought on a certain maturity in holding her tongue, especially where family controversies are concerned.

“I believe I’m older now. Just let God take care of everything and the truth will come out. So ‘yung mga bashing na ‘yan, let it happen and later on ‘yung katotohanan ang lalabas,” she added, when asked about the latest developments in the issues surrounding her sister Marjorie and niece Julia Barretto.

Recently, niece Julia raised eyebrows after she filed a petition to drop her father Dennis Padilla’s real surname from her own name.

“Let’s not get to that kasi parang di na ‘yon napaguusapan and Julia is very young, I don’t want to get into that. If there’s anybody who should answer, let Marjorie and Julia,” Gretchen said.

Gretchen added that she does get affected by the non-stop controversies involving her family, and praised her sister Marjorie for her strength amidst the challenges.

“Normal naman na masaktan din ng kaunti, hindi ba? Tao lang tayo pero ang pagsubok sa buhay ay dumarating talaga ‘yan. Pero how we face it, how we deal with it to every situation is a different story,” she said.

“Napakalakas na babae si Marjorie,” she said. “We are not perfect, mayroon kaming mga kasalanan, pero I think what we have is our faith in God. Bilib na bilib ako kay Marjorie, ‘yun lang,” she shared.