Nikki Gil’s take on running into Coleen, post-Billy

By , on July 24, 2014

Photo: Facebook Page of Nikki Gil
Photo: Facebook Page of Nikki Gil

MANILA –Speaking to the entertainment site, Push, Nikki Gil admitted that she crossed paths with Coleen Garcia at an event a couple of months ago. The singer-actress pointed out, however, that she and Coleen did not have the opportunity to exchange greetings.

“I think in Subic for the trade event… No [hindi kami nag-usap],” Gil said.

Garcia – who is rumored to be the current girl of Billy Crawford, Gil’s ex of 5 years – had earlier said during an interview with PEP that she and Gil had, matter of fact, bumped into each other.

“Nagkita kami dun, actually all of us. Siyempre, we were polite naman. We were all so polite to each other. There was no bad vibes naman. Past is past,” Garcia said.

When quizzed if she and Gil had a chance to speak with each other, Garcia said: “No. But before rin naman, hindi naman kami masyadong nag-uusap. We were never close.”

She added that Billy did not speak with any of her ex-boyfriends, either.

“Billy didn’t talk to any of my exes. You don’t really ask for permission from the other person. It’s finished na,” she revealed.

Gil expressed the same sentiments as Garcia, and emphasized that there is no need to dwell on past issues, as she has already moved on from her relationship with Crawford.

“Yes, yes. I think sawa na talaga ang mga people sa balita, na nakapag-move on na,” Gil said.

The talented young performer pointed out, though, that she felt it unnecessary to work with Crawford again, and reasoned that: “I don’t think it’s necessary. I am not kasi… when you say showbiz, there is that negative connotation to the word that I cannot [accept] because I am very transparent and so if I am not comfortable, the performance might suffer.”

Wise beyond her years, Gil shared that the breakup with Crawford did not harden her heart, nor cause her to be bitter.

“Actually surpisingly, hindi ako dumaan sa ayaw ko na, pagod na ang puso ko, ayaw ko na, ayaw ko na sa lalaki, sasaktan lang ako. Because I know that these things happen at hindi lang naman ako ang nag-iisang nasaktan,” she said.

“It’s not a unique story at all, it’s not different. I know people who have gone through the same in this room alone so hindi ako nagdaan dun kasi para saan pa? Mag-aaksaya ka ng panahon na maging bitter and because you are bitter you fail to see the good things that are coming your way or good people that are in your life,” she added.