EU to help typhoon ‘Glenda’ victims

By , on July 18, 2014

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MANILA — Expressing sympathy with the victims of typhoon “Glenda,” the European Union on Wednesday said they are ready to help the victims anytime.

“The European Union stands ready to assist families affected by typhoon Glenda,” EU Ambassador to the Philippines Guy Ledoux said in a statement.

British Ambassador Asif Ahmad also showed concern for the victims of the typhoon which was reported to have left 38 people dead, as of writing time.

The ambassador also reminded them to inform their relatives in the United Kingdom that they are safe.

“If you can text or email family and friends to say you’re okay, it will reassure them. UK will wake up with news of Glenda and worry about you,” he said in a Twitter post.

Ledoux, meanwhile, said that several people from the ECHO humanitarian aid are now monitoring the extent of the damages brought by the typhoon to the country.