3-year-old kid ‘wakes up’ during her funeral in Zamboanga

By , on July 14, 2014

MANILA — As if out of a movie, a 3-year-old girl reportedly “moved her head and fingers” while a priest was giving the last sacrament — during her funeral.

The young girl suffered from bronchial pneumonia and passed away on July 10.

On Saturday, July 12, during her funeral at the local church, mourners allegedly saw the girl move. Her father then opened the coffin and carried her, as shown on the video. He then brought her to a nearby hospital, where doctors said the girl didn’t have a “pulse and was dead.”

Inspector Heidil Teelan said in an interview with the local news that “During that time, the attending clinic personnel and physician confirmed that the young patient had no more pulse and was clinically dead last Saturday morning about 9am.”

Fr. Nilo Tabaña of San Isidro Parish Church said he could not advise the family to bring the girl home because there were a lot of people in the church at the time.

Despite the medical professional’s findings, the parents decided to bring their child home and give her milk. They also consulted a local healer (‘albularyo’), who said the girl has a pulse and therefore should not be buried.

“We really can not make confirmation on the status of the girl but based on the observation of the police personnel I deployed it appeared the girl remained in a state of comatose in their house,” Teelan said.

On July 14, Zamboanga del Sur municipal health officer Mary Silyne Cabahug attached a cardiac monitor to the young girl to show the parents that their child had no pulse.

“The baby has no heartbeat. Flatline. The baby has no life,” Cabahug said.

The family is planning to follow the doctors’ orders to bury the girl, since her body has started to decompose.

With reports from ABS-CBN Regional News Group and Mirror UK. Video courtesy of ishareyoushareweshare on Youtube.