‘It’s liberating but scary’ – Lovi on admitting relationship with Rocco

By , on July 13, 2014

Photo from interaksyon.com
Photo from interaksyon.com

MANILA — Actress Lovi Poe finds her admission of her relationship with actor Rocco Nacino to be “liberating but scary.”

“It’s liberating but, at the same time, it’s kinda scary,” she said. “Parang every time, you’re gonna have to answer questions about the relationship.”

The actress has recently revealed her relationship with the actor in an interview with Lolit Solis for Startalk.

She also said in an interview for the Philippine Entertainment Portal that she initially had no plans of revealing their relationship.

She, however, added that she has no regrets after the revelation.

“Okay lang, (It’s okay) I mean, it’s bound to happen anyway,” she said. “Anyway, alam ko na si ‘Nay Lolit [Solis] ang mag-i-interview sa akin, (Anyway, I already knew that it was Nay Lolit who will be doing the interview) the night before pa lang, I was preparing myself,” the actress said.

The actress said the reason why she hesitated to reveal to the public some things about her personal life is that she always want to keep them private.

“What if there’s a moment that you don’t wanna answer anything about it and if worst comes to worst, I mean, talking about the breakup is not something fun to do,” she said.

“And I’ve avoided the breakup talks because I don’t talk din naman about my past relationships,” she added.