5 cool summer camps for kids

By , on July 10, 2014

YMCA Summer Camp/ Photo by Lochoaymca/ CC BY-SA 3.0
YMCA Summer Camp/ Photo by Lochoaymca/ CC BY-SA 3.0

Summer camps do not just provide a fun environment for your kids, but also teach them many valuable skills, like leadership and social skills, which will help them in the time to come. Camps give them the opportunity to go out of their comfort zones and make new friends aside from their classmates as well.

According to an article published by the American Camp Association, “For years, campers’ parents have reported that when their children return home from camp, they are more caring, understand the importance of giving, are more equipped to stand up for what they know is right, and are willing to be more responsible.”

Having mentioned all those benefits, summer camp does sound like a good idea, right? If you haven’t thought of a camp where to send your child this summer, then consider these five cool camps:

1. Real Programming for Kids (RP4K)

Screen grab from RP4K's YouTube video
Screen grab from RP4K’s YouTube video

If you often worry about the amount of time your kids spend playing video games, RP4K might just change your view about these games. In an RP4K summer camp, children will be creating and programming video games instead of playing them. It offers the most complete application of math, physics, creativity, problem solving, and communication skills. Kids and teens will learn how to use an industry-standard programming software and real programming languages like Visual Basic, Java, C# and C++. Classes are offered in Toronto, Ottawa, Oshawa, London, Waterloo, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill and Oakville (Ontario).

Contact detail/s: 416-469-9676/ info@realprogramming4kids.com

2. French Solutions

Photo from deviant art/ CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
Photo from deviant art/ CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

French is an official language of Canada as well, so it is important to have a basic or working knowledge of it. Why not use the summer break as a time for your kids to learn Francais in a fun way? “Le Camp Alouette”, French Solutions’ summer camp this year, is designed to help kids improve their French oral communication skills while participating in activities such as communication circles, drama, songs and kinesthetic, arts and crafts, and sports. This Markham-based school offers three separate camp programs for learners of all levels: Beginner French, Core French, and Francophone and French Immersion.

Contact detail/s: 905-201-6282/ inquiries@frenchsolutions.ca

3. Chef School

Photo source: Chefschool.ca
Photo source: Chefschool.ca

From the name itself, this school is for young aspiring cooks. A challenging culinary program is being offered every summer to youngsters who want to pursue their passion in cooking. At the summer camp, kids and teens will not only learn cooking skills, but will also develop important life skills such as working as a team, applying math and science, and developing creativity through cooking. Every day, students will get to prepare a three-course meal and then enjoy the cooked meals at the end of the class. Students will also learn about a new cuisine daily, like Italian, French, and Chinese cuisines. Classes will be lead by a chef-instructor and a chef assistant.

Contact detail/s: 905-273-5558

4. Bricks 4 Kidz

Screen grab from Bricks 4 Kidz' YouTube video
Screen grab from Bricks 4 Kidz’ YouTube video

Is your child crazy about building houses, skyscrapers, bridges, and random infrastructure using Lego bricks? At Bricks 4 Kidz in Mississauga, Ontario, children who love Lego will be engaged in hands-on curriculum programs designed to trigger young children’s imagination based on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This summer camp offers an extraordinary atmosphere where students can build unique creations, play games, and have loads of fun. Camps have different themes as well, such as “Mining and Crafting”, “Ninja”, “CHI Challenge”, “Super Heroes Academy”, and “Jr. Robotics”.

Contact detail/s: 647-500-2483

5. Waterloo Wellington Aviation Centre

The new Alsim simulator/ Photo source: wwflightcentre.com
The new Alsim simulator/ Photo source: wwflightcentre.com

For the young ones who dream of flying, the Summer Aviation Youth Camp being offered by the Waterloo Wellington Aviation Centre (WWAC) will be a rewarding, memorable experience. The camp introduces youth ages 13 to 16 to aviation, both on the ground and in the air. Certified flight instructors will be teaching lessons in flight theory, airmanship, navigation, meteorology, and radio theory. This unique five-day program also include a three hours flight training in a Diamond Ketana or Cessna 152, a group sight-seeing flight around the CN Tower, airport tours, and a simulated experience. For the very first time, WWAC is offering two full campership bursaries this summer.

Contact detail/s: 519-648-2213/ info@wwflightcentre.com